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Marvin's Mini CEO Workshop

Calling all aspiring young entrepreneurs between the ages of 9 - 13 who want to set up your own business!

This workshop equips young participants with the recipe for success, blending in a mix of design thinking and baking it into a fun and memorable experience!


Mini Tech Wizard Workshop

If your kid is between 9 – 13 years old and loves tinkering with gadgets and building things in both the virtual world as well as the real world, sign up for the Mini Tech Wizard workshop today! 

This 3-day workshop will allow kids to develop computational thinking as they help assemble Piperbot and help him accomplish different tasks.  





What is the Future like for the Next Generation?

In an increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, the careers of today may no longer exist by the time the next generation enters the workforce.  Many of these roles and functions will be replaced by machines and artificial intelligence. Knowing this, how are we going to prepare our next generation for the challenges that lie ahead of them?


How do we get them Future-Ready?


Our Methodology

At Marvin's Academy, we will focus on three key areas: Me, You and Us™.  These three focus areas will form the basis of all training and development modules developed.  These modules will train the participants in various aspects of leadership and offer guidance on how to excel in whichever career path embarked on.  The modules have been developed based on established frameworks that bring together the wealth of experience accumulated by the founders and trainers in developing youth.


At Marvin's Academy, we believe in...

Character Building

One of the three key pillars of focus by Marvin’s Academy is that of building the character of the individual.  Resilience is one of the most important traits to possess, allowing them to overcome fear and adversity in a fast-changing and uncertain world.  Being able to understand oneself will allow individuals to better leverage on the strengths while improving on weaknesses. Marvin’s Academy focuses on building up the “heartware” in the next generation, not just what it takes to be an individual, but to be human.

Skills for the Future

While we do not have a crystal ball to gaze into to foresee the jobs of the future, experts agree that instead of training the next generation for careers, we should instead be focusing on building the core fundamentals that drive the behavior to thrive in the future economy.  At Marvin’s Academy, we focus on teaching these key skills, including knowing how to work well in teams and manage relationships, having effective communication as well as critical thinking to aid in problem solving and decision making.

Career Guidance

Understanding the career choices available and being able to make the right choice is important.  At Marvin’s Academy, we believe in providing the knowledge of the options that lie ahead through an experiential learning of what the various jobs entail.  But choosing a job is only a first step in one’s long career journey.  It is equally important (or even more so!) to acquire employability skills and be prepared for work readiness, while developing good work ethics and etiquette.


Program Offerings


Developing the Me, You and Us.


The beginning of a lifelong journey.

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