About the Marvin's Methodology

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it.

We believe in employing the Me, You and Us™ methodology when engaging with the next generation.  This forms the framework of all the programmes that we run at Marvin’s Academy.


Focus on Internals

This is the first of the three key focus areas of the Me, You and Us™ model.  It forms the core fundamental of the model by focusing on the participant’s self – self assessment, self-motivation and self-leadership. Regardless of the environment or stage of the participant’s life, it is imperative that he / she has an in-depth assessment of the behavioral characteristics, natural strengths and limitations.  Having an appreciation of that, it naturally follows that individuals are able to identify what motivates and drives them.  Capability and passion (closely related to attitude and aptitude) are the key ingredients to what allow successful individuals to go the distance.  Finally, while leadership is widely recognized as an important skill to possess, this focus area stresses the importance of starting off with the development of self-leadership.  Only through the development of self-leadership can one expect to exact transformational or transactional leadership to lead others.



Focus on Those Around You

The second key component of the developmental model will focus on the participant’s interactions with people around him / her.  In one’s daily interactions with family, friends and colleagues, this focus area will raise awareness of the skills and tools necessary to build a better relationship.  While the earlier focus was on developing the self, this would focus on the participant’s communication, social as well as team leadership skills to build better relationships.


Focus on the Community

The final key component of the Me, You and Us™ model will focus on the larger ecosystem surrounding the participants.  Participants, having developed their realms of self- and inter-personal relationships will be made to raise their awareness of societal needs and the community around them.  In an increasingly connected society, it is important to realize that people do not exist in silos but that all actions will have both direct and indirect impact on a larger scale.  Through a process that focuses on developing their community leadership, participants will not just train to be better self and team leaders, they will also learn to have an appreciation of the diversity of cultures and hopefully be better equipped to focus on the “heartware”.


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