Marvin's June Holiday Mini CEO Workshops!

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Who says it's too early to start a Business?


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Marvin's Mini CEO Workshop

What is Marvin's Mini CEO workshop about?

At the Marvin's Mini CEO Workshop, we focus on giving kids exposure to the core skills required by today's entrepreneurs. Skills like how to ideate, the process of rapid prototyping, decision making, communication, teamwork and presentation skills.

They will embark on a 3-day cafe-themed journey that infuses Design Thinking to train their entrepreneurial skills.  Led by a successful entrepreneur who has set up 3 cafes in Singapore, the workshop will offer a fun and memorable hands-on approach for kids to understand what it takes to start his / her own business!

Why Focus on Design Thinking?

Design Thinking focuses on creating value while solving real problems.  This is the key to the success of any business. Delivering REAL VALUE to customers.  

In this day and age, the key concepts underlying this key skill of Design Thinking forms the differentiation between businesses. 

How is the mini CEO workshop conducted and who is it for?

Specially designed in consultation with successful entrepreneurs and ex-educators, this Workshop marries the ​essentials of business with the pedagogical approach employed in schools to maximize the kids' learnings.

Spread across 3 days, this workshop is for all kids who dream of running their own shop (be it a cafe or any other business!)





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